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Get acquainted with us:

ORT-TOPAN Bt. is a family enterprise founded by Sandor Megyaszai and his wife, Márta, on 18th March, 1993. The husband is the professional leader and managing director, who has been working as an orthopaedic shoemaker since 1973. He began practical work at a large factory for therapeutical equipment and continued his studies simultaneously. This was where he acquired last measurement, which is the basis of ortophaedic shoemaking.

He worked at a co-operative from 1979, where he personally dealt with the patients. For four years he only took shoe measurements of the painful feet and handed over the completed shoes to the customers. From 1983, after the measurements taken, he himself made the lasts, on the basis of which the shoes were made. This was when he first thought that if he had so much work he should found his own enterprise. In 1988, however, his first workplace called him back to be a foreman as his work was already acknowledged in the trade by that time.

The year 1990 brought new opportunities for ventures including those in the field of health. First Sandor worked at another entrepreneur’s venture until he could gain so much experience and money that the he could found his own enterprise. He managed to convince his wife, Marta, that – even if slowly – they would have a safe subsistence if they strived for quality as well as personal and familiar contacts with the customers. If the customers are satisfied, they will also bring their aquaintances and other patients here.

The workshop in Csinszka street of ORT-TOPAN Bt was opened on 10th October, 1993. Sandor and Marta discussed the things that happened during the day as well as the duties for the next day. More and more people were looking for other therapeutical equipment, too, therefore, the family opened a small shop next to the workshop.

Hard work brought it’s results and soon they had to find more suitable premises. This was when they thought they should establish a Medicinal Center where various health services could be offered.

On 15th July, 1998 this new and modern boulding was opened, which disabled people in wheel chairs can also visit comfortably.

In addition to the services of ORT-TOPAN Bt, specialized orthopaedic, rheumatologic, medical and rehabilitation services can also be used.

There are plans to extend the possibilities to curative gymnastics, medical massage and medical pedicure.

Thanking for your confidence we are awaiting all of our dear clients.
Sandor and Marta Megyaszai